Vertuha Arts Festival

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music & art


Kyiv 31 of August Palace of culture Kurenivka Vertuha Arts Festival Festival for psychedelic music & art

Vertuha Arts Festival

Vertuha Arts Festival is a cultural phenomenon for psychedelic music & arts taking place in Kyiv on the 31st of August. The event is a collaboration of Vertuha Vinyl (Kyiv / UA) and Reveberation Fest (Dresden / DE). The festival will present over a dozen underground artists from the Ukrainian music scene. It will also feature theatrical dance performances, visual art, live painting acts, ecology-oriented acts, a music business discussion session, and a garage sale. Galway International Arts Festival meets Beach Goth Festival in the eclectic underground capital of Kyiv, Ukraine. We encourage both popular and underground artists to submit their work and take part in Vertuha Arts Festival. Ideology: Vertuha Arts Festival aims to inspire and empower independent artists, placing them in an interactive cultural event with limitless creative possibilities. All members are performing for free to support the festival and make it happen again in 2020 with an even wider range of acts and places. All funds from partnerships and sales during the preparation and the festival itself will be divided between Vertuha Arts Festival for organizing the festival again in 2020, and the Kurenivka palace of culture for granting artists. Goal: This is not your typical commercial festival. Festivals held in Kyiv are mostly all the same: people come, pay, watch artists, and leave. It’s all about money-making; the organizers are not interested in boosting music and culture. Vertuha Arts Festival offers an alternative where the underdog gets the main stage. We pave way for artists and people to interact and exchange ideas. We give a voice to the underground so that talented aspiring artists can be heard because they matter for cultural growth. The goal is to infuse the Kyiv scene with knowledge gained from Europe; to transform the idea of the “Ukrainian festival” and show what is possible with some vision and love for the arts.

Main stage

  • Love'n'Joy (UA)
  • Omodada GEE (UA)
  • Advokaty (UA)
  • the Unsleeping (UA)
  • Lucas Bird (UA)
  • Pree tone (UA)
  • Blake Maloka (UA)
  • DJ J Don (ZA)
  • August J (UA)
  • Our Atlaantic (UA)
  • ZfeelZ (UA)
  • Kraken Landau (UA)
  • Bye Nothing (UA)
  • Cloud Jam (UA)
  • Valentin Boyko (UA)
  • Viktor Slivinsky (UA)
  • the Edge (UA)
  • Mika Chuev & band (UA)

Vertuha stage

  • Macka (UA)
  • Seba Korecky (UA)
  • Kosta (UA)
  • Ashcat (UA)
  • Titeev (UA)
  • Drumateeq (UA)
  • TimaN (UA)
  • Chocollaba (UA)
  • HAWX (UA)
  • Wootabi (UA)
  • Dzen9 (UA)
  • Klim Beats (UA)

Recycling stage

  • Sergey Cane (UA)
  • Chocollaba (UA)
  • Sasha Dog (UA)
  • Syoda (UA)
  • Juls & Mongoose (UA)
  • Marussyk (UA)
  • Krueger (UA)

Stream stage

  • Postman (UA)

Music talks

  • Robin Heller (DE)
  • Dartsya Tarkovska (DE)
  • Anna Evstigneeva (DE)
  • Karina Pilipenko (UA)
  • Yurii Bazaka (UA)
  • Katerina Voychuk (UA)
  • Yevgeniya Ustinova (UA)

Eco conference

  • Plastikwood Animations (UA)
  • Marina Shmakova (UA)
  • Anthropocene The Human Epoch (CA)
  • Taras Kozachenko (UA)
  • Vladi Yudi (UA)
  • Roman Cheprasov (UA)

Garage sale

  • Masha Ustugova (hand poke & recycle) (UA)
  • Aleksandra October (ceramics) (UA)
  • nn Evstigneeva (vintage clothes) (UA)
  • Bloop Books (UA)
  • Robust Fellows (UA)
  • Crazy Lavka (UA)
  • Legotype brand (UA)
  • Psy shirts tie-dye (UA)
  • Buyer in Asia (UA)